Rope Halter

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Western Edge Rope Halters, are not your ordinary rope halter. Each halter is constructed from top quality 6mm (approx. 1/4") climbing cord, hand tied using only Mathew Walker knots that are strategically located and tightened to ensure Western Edge Rope Halters stay in place and true. With a few extra step in finishing of each halter, areas are stitched together for adding body and support in strategic areas then the throat latch tail is give a small loop with a latigo leather thong for additional grip when haltering.

The cord size provides a great halter that fits well and lays flat under bridles for ranch work, hunting, and other activities like trail rides.

When combined with the Western Edge Lead Rope (sold separately). Together they maximize the function of these great training tools by establishing a feel that sets up a direct line of communication between you and your horse.

Colors: Black, Red/ Blue tracer, Blue/ Rad tracer, Tan/ Navy trace, Tan/ Olive Green trace.  


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